Be the most chill
person in any room.

For innovators who want to get unstuck for good, The Bishop Method is the mind-bending toolkit that generates creative freedom and flow.


“It’s like someone gave me a head transplant.”
— Andrew T, Colorado

“I felt totally rejuvenated. I wouldn’t have believed it at the beginning.”
— Marc G, Florida

“It feels like I’ve been on the teacups at Disneyland—but in a good way.”
— Jeff L, Nevada

You're caught in the middle of a psychological arms race. 

Politicians, advertisers, propaganda machines, big tech, social media, and lifestyle gurus.

Every day they compete for your mind. They profit by capturing your attention and hijacking your imagination, leaving you drained of inspiration and feeling blocked.

They want you overworked and over-networked. 

Every website and app treats you like a robot, expecting you to respond in a predictable pattern. 

But while you may live among algorithms, you are not one. 

Your attention and imagination belong to you.

Protect the present moment. 
“The relaxation and energy coming from Andrew’s sessions has to be experienced to be believed. I got a fantastic feeling of being alive and vibrant, while calm.”

—Christian L, Norway

Make every day a work of art.

It can happen quickly. 

Projects overlap, or a couple of deadlines collide. All of a sudden, you're overcommitted and overwhelmed.

Before you know it, you're working late into the night, fueled by caffeine and stalked by a heavy feeling of obligation.

Right away, self-care goes out the window. Self-abuse reigns, dressed up as productivity.

It's like we all got tricked into playing a game: who can complete the most action items on their way to the grave? 

That's how it was for me in my previous life as a marketing consultant.

And that's how it is for many of my clients in the corporate world, who tell me you have to treat yourself with total disrespect if you want half a chance at simply running in place.

We've lost the art of working without self-abuse. 

The common solution is to rely on productivity apps to manage the onslaught. But in the long run, they seem to do little more than add structure to your anxiety.

And that’s not going to help if you’re hoping for a moment of inspiration or a flash of genius. 

Maybe there’s a distant memory of being creative and relaxed. But trying to find it feels like you're ignoring an avalanche of pressure.

The Bishop Method gives you the tools to reclaim your attention and imagination from the bombarding forces and offers new ways to connect with yourself. 

I created The Bishop Method in 2016 to help liberate creative minds from feeling trapped by external forces and uncertain times. I refined the method with over 4,000 hours with clients. Business leaders, actors, musicians, and even zen masters have called on me to help them break the deep patterns that lead to feeling stuck.

This isn’t an abstract theory. The Bishop Method is 100% practical and designed for people of action. 

There is no nauseating, toxic positivity. No incense will be burned, no soporific music will be played. Because relaxation doesn’t have to mean doing nothing. It can be a doorway to momentum. 

The Bishop Method aims to make your life a work of art. 
“Andrew has consistently proven to be extremely attentive and skilled in creating a space conducive to my own self-transformation. His care for his clients is not only embodied skillfully but is truly genuine and compassionate. Some common side effects of working with Andrew are an increase in clarity and a heightened sense of wellbeing.”

—T.C., California

The three factors that make daily chaos inevitable.

  1. Restricted breathing
  2. Anxious physical tension
  3. Unhelpful, limited thinking

Any productivity method that ignores those three areas will not get to the root of the problem. A list of dead tasks won’t help you unlock your massive creative potential in the present moment.

Productivity without creativity doesn’t build a better you. 

The Bishop Method enables you to design and develop your own strategies for self-creation by unlocking the generative potential of the breath while dissolving physical and mental tension.

It’s a set of clarity-generating tools so powerful you can feel them working.

Even when time is short, recalibrating with a 5-minute hit of The Bishop Method will allow you to move through your day in a state of relaxed focus, trusting yourself to handle what’s coming.

And it’s so much easier to create something wonderful when you feel good. 
“Instead of trying to portray a certain image of who I am, more and more often I’m able to just relax and watch the situation unfold.”

—L.K., Netherlands

Get your flow back.

You have no business parceling out your anxiety into squares on the infinite grid of a calendar.

I designed The Bishop Method to dissolve the tense patterns that hold you back. 

Maybe you want to be more effective in your business or to maximize joy and adventure. Perhaps you just have a creeping suspicion that there must be more to life.

The Bishop Method can help you create the conditions for casual flow while avoiding the pitfalls of never-ending grit.

Check it out for yourself here.  

Andrew Bishop
San Francisco, 2022
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