A Reclusive Contrarian 
with a Closely-Guarded Secret Method
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Get out of your
own way!

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"I felt totally rejuvenated. I wouldn’t have believed it at the beginning."

— Marc G, Florida

"It’s like someone gave me a head transplant."

— Andrew T, Colorado

"It feels like I’ve been on the teacups at Disneyland—but in a good way."

— Jeff L, Nevada

Meet Andrew

Andrew Bishop puts down his paintbrush whenever someone calls and wants him to do what he loves most: turn their lives into a work of art.

Andrew’s robust and explorative craft-form, The Bishop Method, leverages the hidden wisdom of the body and the predominance of the unconscious mind to release restriction and generate personal power.

The Bishop Method is a process of non-resistance that dissolves our tense patterns, creating positive potential and pleasure.

Andrew has been called on by business leaders, actors, musicians and even zen masters to help them break the deep patterns that lead to feeling stuck.

Revealed in my private mobile app: 11 strange tools that break any pattern and unleash your hidden power. Just tell me where to send your invite.

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What people are saying about
The Bishop Method

“In my view, The Bishop Method goes deeper than Stanislav Grof’s Holotropic Breathwork. Rather than presenting a mere peak experience, Andrew delivers results. He goes layer by layer, deeper and deeper, assisting self-discovery.”

— Karl B, Germany

“Andrew is the rarest type of teacher: he knows how to get you real results, and he genuinely cares about the people he works with. If you get a chance to work with him, take it.

— Riley H, Oregon

“The Bishop Method has helped me and I am a believer in it.”

— M.G., Kansas

“Yesterday yielded the most powerful results I’ve had in one of our sessions. Those periods of disappearing yielded deep refreshment and then I slept for 10 hours, through an alarm, and I woke up very nourished. Deep timeless dreamless sleep. Thanks!”

— Chad B, Colorado

“The result was pure sensation—no seeing, no hearing, no smelling, no tasting, no touching. No thinking either. Just sort of floating sensation—no body, no mind. Interestingly, my Fitbit recorded that I was in some form of sleep mode, yet there seemed to be perfect awareness.”

— Michael E, New Hampshire

“This is fucking fantastic. It complements everything else I’m doing in a profound way. Much gratitude comes to my mind and my heart. You guided me to so many openings yesterday. It’s a pleasure working with you. Every time I’m blown away some more.”

— N.S., New York

“I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew for some time now. I feel like I am working with someone who is actively investing themselves in the process. A kind of solidity of character that is perhaps a bit too rare in some circles. I think this is just part of his basic nature. I also suspect that this is because he brings a lot to the table. Even after the many projects we have worked on, periodically a nook or cranny of background is revealed that further impresses me.”

— Claude N, California

“I just listened to the recording you made on Dec 23… I am open and relaxed and seeing what is. Experiencing the exteriors and the interiors simultaneously. A unified, embodied sensing and feeling without an agenda or a belief system. How liberating, and how ordinary.

— T.C., California

“Andrew is able to communicate on a deep level both before and during sessions in a way that makes one feel the guidance they are getting is invaluable. There is an authenticity to the sessions that make them very potent. I felt a deep sense of relaxation and an expanded perception of myself and my immediate surroundings.”

— Marc G, New York

“Andrew Bishop is fiercely perceptive and adaptive to the individual. His intuition for creating change through the body is second to none.”

— E.B., New York

Revealed in my private mobile app: 11 strange tools that break any pattern and unleash your hidden power. Just tell me where to send your invite.

“Andrew is a skilled and knowledgeable professional whose work has been absolutely integral to my own. His ability to clarify and bring focus to what gets me results is invaluable. He offers bold, insightful, compassionate, and succinct prescriptions for navigating myself to the path of self-healing and realizing the wholeness of who I am.”

— Edwin N, California

“I could sense the attention and care Andrew brings. There is an atmosphere of being partners in a fun process of exploration. The experience gave me new direct knowledge of my body—it provoked a communication with a physical intelligence in me. I felt more aware and present. I felt calm and relaxed. Years later I can still feel the moment with Andrew when I realised I had been holding my breath for my entire life up to that point. This revelation has had profound and lasting benefits.”

— William G, United Kingdom

“Andrew Bishop’s years of practice in this and other techniques of self-work makes him the ideal choice. A session led by Andrew is something I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in feeling more relaxed and exploring more of themselves. The relaxation and energy coming from his sessions has to be experienced to be believed. I got a fantastic feeling of being alive and vibrant, while calm.”

— Christian L, Norway

“Andrew has consistently proven to be extremely attentive, and skilled in creating a space conducive to my own self-transformation. His care for his clients is not only embodied skillfully but is truly genuine and compassionate. Some common side effects of working with Andrew are an increase in clarity and a heightened sense of wellbeing.”

— T.C., California

“I have done tension-releasing bodywork for years, guided by both experts and amateurs. I can tell the difference, and Andrew is definitely an expert. He has his own unique approach, and I enjoy his calm and gentle guiding voice.”

— Mika J, Finland

“Andrew has been professional, insightful, intuitive, and supportive, whilst assisting me through some difficult personal experiences. His understanding comes from having gone through it himself, rather than theoretical learning or foo-foo new-age bluff. I say “teach what you know”; Andrew knows it because he’s done it.”

— Dave P, United Kingdom

“You did an excellent job of setting the mood and atmosphere. Thank you for the great class you directed… Very nicely done.”

— Susan S, California

“Andrew effortlessly clears away the bullshit in a profound way. I always feel energized and relieved after working with him. Andrew made me realize just how valuable my time is, and that I can boldly follow my own projects.”

— Nathan W, Pennsylvania

“Andrew is intelligent, friendly, and exudes an energy of reassuring calm. It was a pleasure to take part in the group activity that he conducted; it was an enlightening experience that I remember with fondness. I highly recommend him as a workshop leader as he lives and feels what he teaches.”

— Rich M, United Kingdom

“I have certainly noticed the improvement in my basic attitude since we’ve been working together, so again, thank you!”

— Paul R, UK

"After my session with Andrew, I felt like a cloth that had been wrung out."

— Peter L, California

"What a masterful mindscaper Andrew Bishop is — I had an incredible breakthrough."

— M.I., Finland

Revealed in my private mobile app: 11 strange tools that break any pattern and unleash your hidden power. Just tell me where to send your invite.