Be the most chill
person in any room.

For innovators who want to get unstuck for good, The Bishop Method is the mind-bending toolkit for generating creative freedom and flow.

“I felt totally rejuvenated. I wouldn’t have believed it at the beginning.”
— Marc G, Florida

“It’s like someone gave me a head transplant.”
— Andrew T, Colorado

“It feels like I’ve been on the teacups at Disneyland—but in a good way.”
— Jeff L, Nevada

Since 2016 Andrew Bishop has helped unblock creative flow for people all over the world

How the present moment was stolen.

Here’s a quick thought experiment: 

Take a look around the room.

Do you see any monsters ready to pounce, or peering at you through the window?

If there’s a monster, by all means, flee to safety.  

But if there isn't one, feel into your body right now. Take the temperature of your thinking. Do you notice any agitation? 

If you're anything like most people, you spend much of your life in a subtle state of tension and worry, even when there's no immediate threat.

The environment can be calm, yet monsters stalk you in your body and mind.

This state of agitation opens the door for the forces and pressures of the modern world to mine your inner landscape, draining your focus and imagination. 

But you can defend your inspiration and maintain your agency. 

Discover how to protect your present moment.
“The relaxation and energy coming from Andrew’s sessions have to be experienced to be believed. I got a fantastic feeling of being alive and vibrant, while calm.”
—Christian L, Norway

“In my view, The Bishop Method goes deeper than Stanislav Grof’s Holotropic Breathwork. Rather than presenting a mere peak experience, Andrew delivers results. He goes layer by layer, deeper and deeper, assisting self-discovery.”
—Karl B, Germany

Make every day a creative act.

My first jobs after university exhausted my tolerance for meaninglessness. I worked for a well-known search engine company and then as a marketing consultant in the pharmaceutical industry.  

I remember lining up to buy a cup of coffee every morning with forty other people, all of us privately wondering how we would stretch ourselves to the end of the day without losing our minds.

The entire week was predictable. There’d be the chemical smell of photocopier toner, the dull violence of department meetings, and a low-level anxiety that spiked every time a new email arrived.

It’s not that the job itself was bad — although parts of it were. I lacked the skill to handle the stress of those downsides. 

So the job sapped all my energy, even though it required little creative effort.

I felt distant from the imaginary worlds I inhabited as a kid. My adult life had lost the magic, and I yearned to get it back.

Over time, the stress had consequences. I had a mysterious illness that kept coming back, and my relationships became strained. I knew I had to quit, but the need for an income held me in place.  

Years passed like one long day.

I made a good friend at work who understood me. We kept each other sane, just about. But one day, she quit. Without the shared coping mechanism, the psychological cost of each day increased.

So I went looking for a way to overcome the internal blocks that kept me stuck in a situation I despised.

But what I found didn’t help.

Meditation apps want you to reserve your freakout until after the bell rings.

Productivity methods have you parcel out your anxiety on an infinite calendar.

Neither did more than scratch the surface of my problem. I’d have to look further afield.

What I wanted was a way to reconnect to the magic I experienced as a child. I knew I had those resources locked inside me. But when I looked around the self-development marketplace, I didn’t see anyone else with that childhood spark, either.

Eventually, after almost giving up, I discovered something about myself that made a real difference.

The way I breathed every day was creating a subtle freak-out state. Even when I thought I was calm, I breathed anxiously, as though a monster was after me.

So I learned everything I could about breathing, studying with masters of different disciplines. I discovered that by making temporary alterations to my breath pattern, I could transform my baseline of worry into a default state of genuine calm.

Quickly I became more resilient. I handled the strain of the job much more gracefully. Now when I got stressed out, it lasted minutes instead of days.

But I kept exploring. I wanted to take the results even further.

In the course of my research, I’d discovered several psychologists who believed that problems of the mind could be resolved by manipulating the body.

When I applied their techniques to reduce unnecessary physical tension, I started to inhabit my body, and I felt truly alive for the first time since I was a child. My shyness seemed to resolve automatically, and I was able to be more emotionally expressive. 

Once you have no need for numbness, you can tune in to the texture of the world, and feeling vibrant comes naturally.

I had unlocked the childhood joy that the daily boredom of the office obscured. I began drawing and painting from observation at every available opportunity, which gave me a way to make contact with the world without the barrier of thought, and gave me a new grounding in my sensory experience.

But although working with breath and tension could shift me out of negative states, I needed more. I wanted to design a new way of being in the world that unlocked expansive possibilities.

I went back to something I’d first experimented with as a teenager: self-hypnosis. I knew tools existed that would enable me to use my mind in new, constructive ways.

So I studied with experts on the unconscious, discovering how to move the mind in a way that shifted my subjective experience and made the changes permanent. Working with these mentors, I gained the experience and skill to develop a powerful approach that could make simultaneous shifts in breath, tension and habits of mind.

I was now able to recalibrate my breathing, physical tension and mindset on the fly.

Unlike everything else I found in the self-improvement world, my new approach required no dubious intellectual theory. There was none of the nauseating toxic positivity that pervades the self-help industry.

I experimented on myself for a decade, observing the effects and adjusting my process. Trial and error enabled me to reduce the time and effort required to get results, while increasing the potency of the method to make it easier to access creativity more rapidly.

It’s so much easier to create something wonderful when you’re deeply connected with yourself.

I channeled my increased momentum into visual art, making thousands of drawings and paintings.

In 2016 I launched The Bishop Method and refined my approach with over 4,000 hours of work with clients. Business leaders, actors, musicians, and even zen masters have called on me to help them break the deep patterns that lead to feeling stuck.
“Instead of trying to portray a certain image of who I am, more and more often I’m able to just relax and watch the situation unfold.”
—L.K., Netherlands

“Common side effects of working with Andrew include an increase in clarity and a heightened sense of wellbeing. Andrew has consistently proven to be extremely attentive and skilled in creating a space conducive to my self-transformation. His care for his clients is skillfully embodied and truly genuine and compassionate.”
—T.C., California

Get your flow back.

Imagine being so grounded in the present that your day flows smoothly.

With the right tools, you can create the conditions for casual flow and avoid the pitfalls of never-ending grit.

By unlocking the generative power of the breath and dissolving physical and mental tension, you can handle your internal monsters with ease.

Many people experience this after only 5 minutes of The Bishop Method. You could have gotten the same result in the time it’s taken you to read this far.

If you’re ready to get your flow back, click the button below.

“You guided me to so many openings yesterday. It’s a pleasure working with you. Every time I’m blown away some more.”
—N.S., New York


“Andrew is the rarest type of teacher: he knows how to get you real results, and he genuinely cares about the people he works with. If you get a chance to work with him, take it.”
—Riley H, Oregon


“I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew for some time now. I feel like I am working with someone who is actively investing themselves in the process. A kind of solidity of character that is perhaps a bit too rare in some circles. I think this is just part of his basic nature. He also brings a lot to the table. Periodically a nook or cranny of background is revealed that further impresses me.”
—Claude N, California


“After my session with Andrew, I felt like a cloth that had been wrung out.”

—Peter L, California


“Andrew is able to communicate on a deep level in a way that makes one feel the guidance they are getting is invaluable. There is an authenticity to the sessions that make them very potent. I felt a deep sense of relaxation and an expanded perception of myself and my immediate surroundings.”
—Marc G, New York


“Andrew Bishop is fiercely perceptive and adaptive to the individual. His intuition for creating change is second to none.”
—E.B., New York


“The Bishop Method has helped me. I am a believer in it.”

—M.G., Kansas
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