Be the most chill
person in any room.

For innovators who want to get unstuck for good, The Bishop Method is the mind-bending toolkit that generates creative freedom and flow.


“It’s like someone gave me a head transplant.”
— Andrew T, Colorado

“I felt totally rejuvenated. I wouldn’t have believed it at the beginning.”
— Marc G, Florida

“It feels like I’ve been on the teacups at Disneyland—but in a good way.”
— Jeff L, Nevada

You're caught in the middle of a psychological arms race. 

Politicians, advertisers, propaganda machines, big tech, social media, lifestyle gurus.

Every day they compete for your mind.

They profit by capturing your attention and hijacking your imagination, leaving you drained of inspiration and blocked.

They want you overworked and over-networked.

From the perspective of any website or app, you’re a robot that responds in predictable patterns.

But while you may live among algorithms, you are not an algorithm.

Your attention and your imagination belong to you.

Protect your present moment.
“The relaxation and energy coming from Andrew’s sessions has to be experienced to be believed. I got a fantastic feeling of being alive and vibrant, while calm.”
—Christian L, Norway

How I made every day a creative act.

My first two jobs out of university exhausted my tolerance for meaninglessness.

I remember lining up to buy a cup of coffee every morning with forty other numb people, all of us privately wondering how we could stretch ourselves to the end of the day without losing our minds.

From Monday morning on, the entire week was predictable. There’d be the chemical smell of photocopier toner, the dull violence of department meetings, and a low-level anxiety that spiked every time a new email arrived.

My creativity lay dormant, but still the job sapped my energy.

Years passed like one long day. If I let this continue, I could waste an entire lifetime. 

I vowed to discover the way out.

But what I initially found only discouraged me.

Meditation apps want you to reserve your freakout until after the bell rings.

Productivity methods have you parceling out your anxiety on the infinite grid of a calendar and hoping for the best.

Finally, I stumbled upon the little-known puzzle pieces I needed. When combined in the right way, they lifted the fog of frustration.

My body buzzed with life while my mind relaxed into a comfortable stillness.

I quit the job and traveled. I began to draw and paint, and everything in my life started working better.

After much experimentation on myself, I had a living system that would grow and adapt to each individual. Eventually, I discovered how to reduce the time and effort required while increasing the potency of the results.

I launched The Bishop Method in 2016 to help liberate creative minds from the restrictive forces that consume your energy and leave you uninspired. For over 4,000 hours I refined the method with clients — all successful people who were secretly blocked, as I had been. Business leaders, actors, musicians, and even zen masters have called on me to help them break the deep patterns that lead to feeling stuck.

This isn’t an abstract theory.

There’s no nauseating, toxic positivity.

No incense will be burned, no soporific music will be played. Those weak ingredients didn’t help me get impactful results, and I doubt they’ll help you, either.


The factors that make daily chaos inevitable are not vague or abstract. They’re physical and observable:

  1. Restricted breathing
  2. Anxious physical tension
  3. Unhelpful limited thinking

By unlocking the generative power of the breath and dissolving physical and mental tension, The Bishop Method enables you to design your own practical approach to self-completion.

That’s how The Bishop Method can make your life a creative act.
“Instead of trying to portray a certain image of who I am, more and more often I’m able to just relax and watch the situation unfold.”

—L.K., Netherlands

“Andrew has consistently proven to be extremely attentive and skilled in creating a space conducive to my self-transformation. His care for his clients is skillfully embodied and truly genuine and compassionate. Common side effects of working with Andrew include an increase in clarity and a heightened sense of wellbeing.”
—T.C., California

Get your flow back.

The Bishop Method is a set of clarity-generating tools so powerful you can feel them working.

I designed the method to help you reclaim your attention and imagination from the bombarding external forces and develop new ways of connecting with yourself. It creates the conditions for casual flow and helps you avoid the pitfalls of never-ending grit.

Even when time is short, recalibrate with 5 minutes of The Bishop Method and move through your day in a state of relaxed focus, trusting yourself to handle what’s coming.

Because it’s so much easier to create something wonderful when you feel good.

Get your flow back here.
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